Monday, February 22, 2010

Hash Browns Fit for Caesar

Augustus Sheva Caesar-Sheva Apelbaum

Every Sunday, my mom indulges us by playing Diner.  As the short order cook, she announces the menu and takes our orders for breakfast.  The menu includes such favorites as pancakes, waffles, French toast, a variety of omelets and the all time favorites hash browns.  This morning,  instead of just placing the order, I decided to take over and make the hash browns myself. 

Here is my moms world famous hash brown recipe:

1.  Red potatoes ( 2 potatoes per person)
3. Vegetable Oil (Canola)
4. Salt and Pepper

Wash and grate the potatoes. Place the shredded potatoes in a sieve and rinse them in cold water to remove the starch. 

Hash Browns Stage 1- Sheva Apelbaum Hash Browns Stage 2- Sheva Apelbaum Hash Browns Stage 3- Sheva Apelbaum

Heat about a half a cup of oil in a skillet and wait until its hot. You’ll know that it’s ready if you sprinkle a tiny drop of water on it and the water sizzles. Hash Browns Stage 4- Sheva Apelbaum
Place  the shredded potatoes on the skillet until they cover the entire bottom (the layer should be  approximately 1/2” I think). Let them cook over a medium flame until the bottom turns dark golden brown.  Next is the best part: flipping them over. You have to grab the handle of the skillet, toss the hash browns up and over, and then catch them without letting them hit the ceiling or fall on the floor. 

Hash Browns Stage 5- Sheva ApelbaumIf you decide to do the toss, be be carful because the some of the hot oil can fly out and burn you (as I discovered myself).  If you are not the adventurous type, you can also just turn them over with a spatula instead.

Let the potatoes cook until the other side turns golden brown as well. Lee Kum Kee Chili Garlic Sauce-Sheva ApelbaumI like my hash browns hot off the skillet with a little salt and paper.   I usually have them with an omelet or sunny side up eggs and toast with jam. If you would like to try this combination, I also highly recommend a side order of  Lee Kum Kee Chili Garlic Sauce.



  1. Mmmm, looks yummy! I make something similar called, 'Straw Potatoes'.

    Short order cook? Great idea! Makes Sunday mornings a party! Does the cook have to wash the dishes, too?

  2. WOW!
    While staying in America I very much liked those hash browns at the Diners for breakfast during our vacation trips - with the turned over eggs and the little sausages (but always missed a tomatoe or a cucumber going with it), and often I thought making them at home but never did. NOW I will try, today I will make them (without the tossing in the air of course!!!)! I have no red potatoes, I'll go shopping and get some - WOW I am hungry already!
    Thank you Sheva!
    P.S. You want another great potatoe recepie? Ask Dawn for her gratin!!!

  3. Dawn, No, unfortunately for her, she still does the dishes, but there is no reason why I can’t do them--just don't tell her that. :)
    BTW, can I have your fabulous gratin recipe?

    Yael, Any interesting potato recopies?

  4. Sheva, take a kilo of potatoes, peel them, then slice them very thin. Take a cassorole pan, rub it with a squashed garlic, then layer half the slices to cover the bottom, salt, sprinkle with 50 grams grated gruyere cheese, dribble with half a cup of light cream, layer the rest of the potatoe slices over that to cover, salt, sprinkle with 50 grams cheese, dribble with half a cup cream, then bake in the oven at 175° celcius, checking every so often that the top doesn't burn, for 50 minutes to an hour, till the top is a beautiful browned tone (like umber or sienna). Serve at once. Feeds a family of four, with something green on the side (not a frog). Now, I'm going to try your recipe!