Saturday, March 13, 2010

Jonathan Livingston Seagull-NOT!

Whipped Cream Bully-Sheva Apelbaum

Last week we went out to get some supplies. While in the store parking lot, I noticed about 10 seagulls standing around a little crashed canister. When I got closer I realized it was whipped cream.  The seagulls were squawking at each other (sounded like gullish), jumping, and pushing each other to get to the food.  After a few seconds of in-fighting some order would emerge and a new leader (the most aggressive seagull) would take charge. 

This repeated several times, as, The Seagulls-Sheva Apelbaum periodically, a larger and more aggressive seagull would show up on the scene and swop from above driving the previous leader away.

Once on ground, the new chief of gulls would dig in his beak in the whip cream puff up his feathers and stand triumphant with big dollops of whipped cream on its beak,  squeaking something to the effect that “its all his”. It was both hilarious! and pathetic. 

It is interesting that seagulls are not better organized.  From my observations,  I know that they are capable of flying in formation (which requires some leadership and collaboration).  My dad says that birds fly in formation to conserve energy (apparently its easier to just follow a leader than to fly solo and make all the navigational decisions yourself).  So I would think that if they are capable of some organization and teamwork, why not use it for food distribution. 

There has to be a better way to be a seagull!


  1. Often you will see the same kind of behavior in humans! Again, beautifully written--you seem to be a natural-born story teller--and of the best!

  2. I agree Dawn, some people are in many ways very similar to seagulls (or chickens :-). Have you read Jonathan Livingston Seagull?

  3. aodrable and fun read sheva ... when it comes to food birds forget all that came before and dive in don't they?!

    pass on a hug to your mom for me please .. and a message that i'll be in touch soon!

    Kerrin :D

  4. Very nicely written Sheva and perfecyly observed!
    We have the book and I have read it several times, it is a beautiful, touching story!
    I love the photo montage you prepared!
    Hugs to you, Yael.