Saturday, May 22, 2010

Diary of a Fish

Diary of a Fish-Sheva Apelbaum

Day: 137
Water Temperature: 78 Degrees
Visibility: 6 inches
Fish Count: 5

Another perfect morning, lately I haven’t been able to differentiate between the morning and the night because the hand has gotten lazy ab0ut turning off the light.

The only thing everyone talks about around here is the beautiful weather, the perfect temperature of the water, shopping bargains, and the new assessment for fixing our coral reef condominium.

The water seems a bit foggy this morning. The hand came back and fed us. For some reason, it seemed to be a bit smaller than the regular one and kept on pouring the flakes until a bigger hand came in and snatched the food container from it. Then loud and high pitch voices could be heard coming from outside of our world.

Vinnie Tetra went mad and swallowed almost all the red flakes on the surface. I tried stopping him, but he just wouldn’t listen. Now he’s looking a bit green at the gills and is swimming in circles and leaning on one side. In fact, he’s been hanging around the heater a lot. Which is a bad sign.

The hand came back and took out our coral apartments and the plants. It brought everything back some time later, all polished, clean, and freshly scented, but it placed them in the wrong spot, so now I’ve lost my favorite reading spot (the one under the florescent light).

The guppies, (I can’t remember their names, for the life of me), seem to be completely unphased by anything. Last night I tried engaging one in a conversation about my proposal to build a library in our sunken ship. He just stared at me, opening and closing his mouth.

I often wonder about the hand. Where does it come from? And were does it go? Does it need to eat too? If so, is there a bigger hand that feeds it? Who created all of these hands? And what happened to Anthony and Cleopatra, the Gouramis, after the four-legged furry creature got them. Where did they go? Will they ever come back?

Speaking of the creature, the four legged thing is back. It has been staring at me intensely for several minutes trying to touch me with its paw. It gives me the creeps, I better go.

That's all for now diary, I will write again soon.


  1. This is a lovely story and I wait for it to be continued!!

    It is funny that I had the term 'fish' today also in a different matter. My son came to me this afternoon and said: "I am done with fish!" It is a phrase from a movie my husband and I saw together with him years ago, and it became like a family saying. I was very surprised that he is 'done' with this specific 'fish' - I guess he wants to move on...

  2. LOL, Yael--what a delightful phrase, to cap off this incredible story! Lava Jewel--you are the best! And I so love your stories and captivating audience, cast of characters...everything!

  3. Yael: From what movie does the phrase “I am done with the fish” come from? I have to admit that sometimes, when it comes to taking care of the aquarium and feeding the fish, I also feel like I’m “done with the fish.”

    Dawn: Thank you for your kind words and for finding beauty in something fishy :-)

  4. Here you go:

  5. Yael: Oh yeah, I am definitely "done with fish"!

  6. Hey, fish, I miss you! Okay, I'm sure you are having a fun summer, migrating to warmer waters, but I'll be looking forward to your next appearance! A little bigger, a little wiser (how is that possible--you are already sooo wise!) :-D

  7. Hmmmmm, could it be that you are really done with fish?

  8. Dawn, I think the four legged creature, that horrible one, you know, the one with the claws at the paws, yes that one, the one with the slits in the eyes, the one lurking around, waiting aaaaaaaaaaaaaaand STRIKING - hm, yes, I think it finally got the fishy - pfffffffffff, done, over with, finished!!! Smacking the lips! Licking the paws with the claws - The End!

  9. Not to worry ladies, the four legged creature has not yet gotten me, but it will if I don't blog in the next 48 hours !!!