The Lava Jewel Store

Bonhomme Richard v. the Serapis
A 28" x 28" poster detailing the
step-by-step events
took place during the dramatic 1779 battle between the Bonhomme Richard and the
Serapis. An excellent aid for the classroom and a must for the American Revolutionary War history enthusiast.
Price: $42 + S&H
Golden Ratio Gauge
Unveil the secrets of the universe and discover the beauty of Phi Φ. This golden ratio gauge is over 12" long.  Gauge is made out of light and sturdy galvanized steel.
Price: $40 + S&H
The Spontaneous Origin of Life
Discover how it all began with this ultimate origin of life experiment.  Handmade from top quality materials, this beautiful and fully functional display is guaranteed to stimulate emotional conversations with friends and family. Two models are available: the "Self-Assembling clock" and "Waiting for some Current". Size and components may vary.
Price: $479 + S&H