Sunday, December 20, 2009

The Life of a Snowflake

Snowflake Snowflake Snowflake Snowflake Snowflake Snowflake

I am Sabrina the snowflake. I was born from a speck of dust and vapor frozen into ice in a gray cloud high up in the sky. Inside my home cloud, billions of different snowflakes are being created.  Even though most of us have six points, we are each unique and different from one another. I see a Sheva snowflake hovering by and we wave to each other before the wind blows us upwards in different directions. The sky around me is lit up by millions of white, icy floating crystals.

Then, all of a sudden I feel a strong gust of wind and it starts pushing me downwards.  All around me, I see my snowflake friends who are floating down with me. From up here, everything below looks so tiny but as I get closer to the ground, I realize that what seemed so small is actually bigger than me! I keep getting pushed from side to side by the wind.

I first see few dim lights,  then,  a lot of bright ones. I smell something good. I turn my head and see smoke coming out of a  chimney.  On the horizon, I see the sunset behind a tall evergreen tree and before I know it, it is dark. In front of me I see three candles lit on a menorah on the windowsill. Inside another house I see colorful Christmas lights on a tree.

I float gently down and when I think I have landed, the wind blows me onto a street filled with lots of people rushing in and out of stores holding brightly colored packages. I pass all of the excitement sad to leave it all. I float away but I’m just in time to hear children playing in the snow. Some of them are bundled up so much that they can’t even walk. As I float by a red brick house, I see one lonely red mitten lying in the snow. I wish I had hands to pick it up.  

the snow falling faintly through the universe I have finally landed on the ground. A child picks me up, presses me into a snow ball and throws me onto a driveway. Later someone comes with a snow plow and pushes me into a pile of snow. I sit there until one day I look down and see that everything is becoming wet. I knew I couldn’t be a snowflake forever.

I feel tired and am slowly falling asleep. My time has come; I can feel myself slowly melting away.  I know that one day I shall become another snowflake. I don’t know what shape or size I will be, but I look forward to begin my next journey.

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  1. Teardrops teardrops whisper whisper thank you thank you lovely lovely little poet!