Saturday, December 26, 2009

Paper Hologram

Handmade hologram Front - Sheva Apelbaum

The Hologram is an interesting invention. I think that it is amazing how you can actually put more than one picture on the same surface. To produce a hologram, you need some specialized equipment (like a laser light, special film, etc) which can be a bit expensive. For those of you who would like to create a holographic simulation here is my paper and pencil equivalent.

Handmade hologram Top - Sheva Apelbaum

To create the paper hologram you will need the following supplies:

  • A piece of lightweight cardboard (you can get this from any shipping box)
  • Oaktag paper
  • 2 sheets of drawing paper
  • Your favorite drawing pens, pencils or crayons
  • Paper glue
  • A utility knife and a cutting surface
  • A ruler

    Handmade hologram Wolf - Sheva Apelbaum Handmade hologram Lapord - Sheva Apelbaum

Assembly Instructions:

  1. Fold the oaktag paper accordion style using even folds. After you are done, open the sheet until each fold is approximately at 90°-110°.
  2. Put a line of glue on the ridge of each fold of oaktag paper
  3. Place the oaktag paper with the glued surface onto the cardboard (make sure the folds are spaced evenly and remain at 90°-110°).
  4. On each of the two sheets of drawing paper, draw a different image (I drew a leopard and a wolf). Make sure that your images are not wider than the folded oaktag paper
  5. Place the drawn image on a cutting surface and cut the strips using a straight edge as a guide (each strip should be the width of one accordion fold).
  6. Glue the strips of the image in alternate order to the folded oaktag (for image 1 use 1-3-5… for image 2 use 2-4-6…)
  7. At the back of the cardboard glue a bracket or a stand to help support the hologram

While you are assembling the pieces, allow the glue to dry well before moving on to the next step.

To view your creation, place it on the flat surface and slowly rotate it from side to side.

Have fun!


  1. Oh--I love this one--it looks like so much fun, and I'm off to find my scissors and some images...thank you for showing how!

  2. It was nice to read this post about your interest in holograms, Sheva. I hope you continue. Maybe one day you'll get the chance to work in a laser laboratory making them. They are truly the images of the future.

    If you have one of your parents contact me, and I will send a laser hologram to you in the mail (I am a holographer).