Saturday, January 30, 2010

She has Arrived!

She is pretty in color and shape
Intriguing and mysterious in her pale radish cape
A true ode to beauty and to form
So lovely to show and to perform
With ideal sound from every streak
Not ever does she falter or squeak

Just a few weeks ago, my violin teacher and my mom noticed that I have outgrown my 3/4 size violin.  It was time to upgrade to a full size.  While I waited for the new one to arrive, I’ve been playing a squeaky one which I detested instead. I called it “Boris.”

Penelope FrontPenelope BackTwo days ago my new violin finally arrived! When I came home from school it was waiting for me in a big box that was sitting on the table.  I opened it anxiously and found a case inside.  The case was black and light. I unzipped it and inside, nestled under a beautiful dark velvet lining, was the prettiest violin I ever saw.

My new violin is a mix of red and orange.  Its back is made of two pieces with horizontal grain lines. Today was my first opportunity to practice with it and it sounds amazing.

As I moved the bow across the strings it felt like spreading soft butter on a warm piece of toast.  Not only does she not squeak like Boris does, but her sound is heavenly (click below to hear Penelope taking Paganini for a spin).


  1. Not only does she not squeek, she sounds FANTASTICO!!!! Bravo!!! And standing ovations from across the pond, all the way over in the old world, and did I say I love Paganini? (I heard this particular song 'live' in a concert hall in Cincinnati, in 1970, I was nine years old and had just started playing violin, which I upgraded to full size when I was 13--as I was very small--and I still have my violin, which I love!). From what I can hear, you have an extraordinary ear for music, and your tone is superb (already with a strong bite and deep resonance, not flat and stringy like so many, but rich and full!) I'm amazed!!!

  2. Congratulations Sheva on Penelope, you will have a wonderful time with her! And at least Good Bye to old squeaky Boris and lovely memories with Brigitte!
    My granddaughter Yasmin started violin lessons this fall - hm, and till now it stil is a little bit SQUEAchchKYchcchYYYYchch! But we tell her she is doing great and she beams!!
    How about giving a little concert here on your next visit? Our home could be your concert hall! My niece Adi studies to be an opera singer, WOW she and you together with an aria from Verdi or Mozart... Vered will be happy! (And we will invite Dawn too!)