Sunday, February 7, 2010

Dinner and a Dance

Dinner at the Bella Trattoria-Sheva Apelbaum

On our last trip to Italy, we found a quaint little restaurant near the town square in Siena.  Siena at night-Sheva Apelbaum



As we were sitting at the table, I noticed a crisply dressed waiter. His name tag read: “Vitorio.”

After we had eaten and we were waiting for dessert, I noticed that Vitorio was waiting on some American ladies at the table right next to us.  He was so smooth and suave.   I heard him saying things like “You like-a de wine?” and “Ahh yes, dis a-town eez a romanteek a-place!

On the dance floor-Sheva Apelbaum After dinner, we went out for a stroll on the town (Siena is beautiful at night), and believe it or not, we ran into Vitorio again! This time though, he wasn't dressed like a waiter. Instead,  he was wearing all black, his hair was greased back and on his arm was none other than one of the American tourists from the restaurant.   We walked on as he was showing her the moves for some exotic dance (my mom said it was the Tango).

Inspired by this transformation, I decided to reenact the scenes with the help of my little sister, who before going out dancing on the town, ordered the house specialty: the “LavaJewel Black Beans” and a bottle of vino.


  1. Formidable! Je...(no, not the French accent!)

    Uh-hm. Eeza bueno...(no, not Spanish!)

    Hmmmm. Ahem...Bella! You spika like-a de most bellisimo Italiano in de whole wida worlda! (right on, just warming up here...)

    Sheva, you really made me laugh! And the pictures are great! You and your sister deserve awards!

  2. LOL...:-D
    You made me laugh too, Sheva! You know how to tell a story. This is great.

  3. Ed il Oscar va a..... Brava Sheva!
    Il raconto e magnifico! Avitale e tu sono atrici grandissime!

    Noi eravamo in bella Siena tredici anni fa.
    A noi piaceva Siena molto bene. Siamo seduti nella stessa piazza e abbiamo incontrato Vitorio anche noi, quando balava con l'Americana!

    Ciau con quatromilla baci,
    Stambecco e Luciano

  4. Uhmmmmm cara Shachar, this was dolce Luciano, not humble me!!! :-)