Saturday, December 25, 2010

The Strider

The Strider-Sheva Apelbaum

Just this past year, I graduated elementary school, and moved on to middle school. Our middle school is huge, about 5 times the size of our elementary school. Walking from class to class, I can still get lost sometimes.

One day in gym class recently, the teacher gave everyone a pedometer to wear for 5 minutes. She told us to walk a few laps around the gym and measure how many steps we took.

When I got home from school, I told my mom and dad about it and suggested that we get a pedometer and do some mileage calculations of our own. My dad surprised me by telling me that we already had one and so we’re ready to roll!

The next day when I got ready for school, I put the pedometer on my waist and… 

I walked to the building,
then upstairs to homeroom,
then to  orchestra downstairs,
then social studies, across the school,
then science and math,  just next door,
then Foreign Language, across the entire building,
then gym, downstairs,
then lunch, across the hall
then Reading and Language Arts back upstairs,

At the end of the day when I got home, my pedometer showed that I had walked a whopping 3 miles (4.9 km), in just one day! I would have never known that just going to school required so much walking!

Now it’s YOUR turn. You can put on a pedometer, and do what you do everyday. You might be surprised to discover how much walking you do.

Walk On!


  1. Oh dear, interesting!
    Okay, my turn:
    I walked so much the last two weeks - on hospital floors - all over the place - and in many different departments, emergency room, orthopedic, oncology, X-ray, CT, broken bones department, ultrasound, social worker, doctors room, to the park place, from the park place, down for coffee sometimes...
    According to my hurting legs in the evening, I walked a lot every day!

  2. Yael, that's not fair, you definitely have the advantage of having walked more than we have. But...I have shovelled snow ever day for the past two weeks, let's say...that with the Kundalini yoga...oops, I've been walking at least three miles a day on account of not having the car...and on icy sidewalks! Do I win? :-D

  3. Gee, it’s hard to decide who wins…I think it must be a tie. Now today though, I think I may have walked more than both of you because I was outside throwing snowballs at my sister, and she’s hard to catch! Thanks for playing, both of you!

  4. Dawn, what do you think? Should we join in the snowball party and show them????? Are you in??