Friday, December 21, 2012


Sheva Apelbaum Wright Glider

Idly sitting between yellow lines,
That marks the beginning of newly found peace.
Suddenly  roaring—3…2…1…and up into the sky,
Gliding, soaring, climbing,
I’m free.
Wandering mind, drifting through endless sky.
Worries are gone, replaced with wonder.
Twirling, swirling,
The earth itself daring to be defied.
The vast stretch of sparkling sky,
Met by the churning of the water below,
Threatening to swallow anything.
Calling in to the tower.
Static swallowing words up like a hungry lion.
The vital connection between earth and sky constantly hums,
As I lift higher and higher,
Up into the sky.
But my time has come to end.
As I see approaching lights,
Like a treasure chest filled with jewels.
I slowly touch down and the wheels glide smoothly over the runway.
Now I wait, gaze fixed skyward, patiently waiting….
Until the day when I can go up again.

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