Monday, September 10, 2012

Good ol’ Italy

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Italy is so beautiful. Everywhere you turn it is filled with history, from Hadrian’s tomb to the Coliseum to the Pantheon. You ’ll definitely want to check those out if you are ever going to go there.

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But Italy’s appeal doesn’t end with its historical monuments. Now moving on to the food, there is only one word I that could use to describe it: delicious!

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Especially gelato, I’m a big fan of gelato. Most everyone at least likes ice-cream, right? As a matter of fact, I’d go beyond “delicious” to describe gelato. I’d even venture to call it “scrumdidlyumptious” (with full credit to Roald Dahl for the perfect vocabulary term).

I absolutely loved eating out at night. Unlike some parts of America, in Italy, almost every single restaurant is opened at night. Even during the wee hours, you can still hear the sound of people laughing and distant music playing in the street. Never a moment will you be bored in good ol’ Italy! I enjoyed our trip there very much.

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